Upcycled bags for 'Kumar'

Bags made out of old rice bags. Have you ever seen the wonderful color rice bags with different patterns from flowers to airplanes and from temples to different kinds of fruits.  Most people in India use these colorful rice bags to clean their tables, motorbikes and floors. These rice bags have amazing prints and they are just too beautiful to be used as a cleaning towel.

This is why we turned these rice bags into tote bags, cushion covers, toiletry bags and big shoppers.

With buying one rice bag we can buy a full rice bag of 25KG back. With one full rice bag we are able to feed 4 meals to 37 children.

Our local tailor Karthick is making all these beautiful products for us. Karthick isn't only making these bags, but also the school uniforms  for the children supported by My name is Kumar.

My name is Kumar Foundation

The My name is Kumar Foundation was founded in November 2013. My name is Kumar is a small project for former begging children and students from poor families in the South of India. We send these children to a good school in the city. By sending these children to school instead of begging we break the vicious circle.